Susan's background since 1987 includes studying at the Institute of “Psycho-Structural Balancing” in California, Cortical Field Re-Education (1988-89), and numerous deep tissue modalities, as well as chakra and energy balancing techniques. In Washington State she studied at Spectrum Center, designed and taught massage curriculums, taught the art and assessment of medical massage, postural effectiveness, ergonomics, sports injury prevention, and collaborated clinically and successfully with a broad variety of health care providers (M.D., N.D., D.C., L.Ac., P.T., C.F.P, N.P.). She specialized in deep tissue modalities, Myofascial Release, kinesiology, physiology, CranioSacral, and subtle energy techniques. She worked with complaints connected with illness, pre- and post-surgery, repetitive stress, professional dancers and athletes, sports injury, and motor vehicle injuries. She then completed the intensive Cortical Field Re-Education training, and continues attending post graduate and continuing education trainings regularly. 

Susan currently maintains a private CFR practice primarily in Laguna Beach, CA, teaches in Washington twice yearly, and teaches as a CFR team member with Harriet Goslins at the Esalen Institute in Big Sur, CA. She enjoys working with people who are interested in making their life easier and facilitating a healing deeper than just symptom elimination. She is available for individual sessions as well as workshops. She co-leads at CFR workshops and professional trainings.

With her experience, background, and extensive training in the field, combined with your desire, Susan can help you achieve your optimal self!

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Susan Jouett, L.M.P., C.F.R.