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                                         Frequently Asked Questions

How does CFR differ from traditional massage, physical therapy or yoga?

Massage, physical therapy and yoga all address problems at a local level of where the issue is.  These  modalities may feel good, and they work on the injured tissue, but they do not address the place in the brain where the signals originate which are causing the problem.  CFR facilitates re-education of the brain.  It is not exercise, stretching or strengthening.  CFR will actually enhance exercise, yoga, walking and daily life. 

What do I wear for a session?

For both table work and floor work, wear comfortable loose clothing allowing you to move easily.  Women, if it’s comfortable, remove bras during sessions.

How many sessions will it take?

The number of sessions will vary depending on the severity of the individual’s condition, what

their goals are, and one’s willingness and ability to actively participate in their re-education. 

How long does a table session or a floor lesson last?

Each lasts approximately 90 minutes.

Can I work out or stretch afterwards?

No.  If you work out and/or stretch after a session, you will use muscles and connective tissue in  the old habitual way.  You will be given new movements to do to lay down the new neural information.  Walking is a great integration as well.  Eventually you will go back to your favorite routine but in a much more integrated efficient manner.

What is the main benefit of working with Susan?

Susan’s varied background and education makes her work unique.  She customizes

individualized sessions.  When chronic problem areas are released, your body is a more comfortable home. You will experience more balance, self trust, self esteem, confidence, much more restful sleep at night, a much higher level of energy during the day and a dramatic improvement in the power and coordination of your every day movements.