Floor and Table Work

Changing Patterns of Movement in the Sensory Motor Cortex

When lying on a Table receiving a table lesson, you are passive with your eyes closed.  Your arm, for example is lifted by Susan.  You did not expect to lift it.  You did not fire intent to lift it.  It's a surprise.  Your first experience is sensory.  You experience the kinesthetic sensations of having your arm lifted.  For most of the table lesson, you do not move your own parts.  And you don't know what is going to move next.  You do not fire any motor commands to move.  You experience incoming sensations from Susan moving you.  The learning come from first firing your sensory cortex.

When lying on the floor listening to verbal instructions during a floor lesson,  the opposite occurs.  Your own intention moves you.  Your first experience is a firing of motor neurons to move a part of you that you have commanded to move.  Only then do you experience the sensory  input that comes from the movement you just made.  You may lift your own arm in exactly the same way Susan did on the table, but it is a completely different experience for your nervous system.  The learning comes form the first firing your motor cortex.

In order to improve functional patterns of movement in the most effective and lasting way, both the sensory and motor cortex need to be recruited into healing and increased awareness.


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