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As a CFR® practitioner, my mission is to facilitate movement in support of student’s awareness, healthy action, and authentic being with practical, immediate and ongoing


Cortical Field Reeducation® is about learning to change the habitual movement patterns which are preventing chronic problems from healing, those problems that are imposing a more limited way of life than you would wish for yourself.

C.F.R.® uses a gentle form of movement exploration that communicates directly with your brain - not locally but at a place in your brain where it is encoded.  It is a re-learning of the kind of function you had before your injuries, accidents, trauma or chronic problems occurred.

Physical trauma, physical and emotional pain and limitation in movement always involves other levels of consciousness.  True healing addresses the emotional, mental, energetic and often includes spiritual components as well.

If you simply suppress the symptoms, through drugs, repetitive manipulation, etc., the same problems may later reoccur with stronger symptoms.  Or they may reappear in another area as a result of compensation - another place in your body has had to work extra hard to make up for whatever part is not moving functionally, and now that new part may start to have symptoms.

Real healing redistributes the “work-load” through communication with your brain and nervous system and brings your body back into balance.  This allows overworked muscles, ligaments, tendons and tissue to heal while offering new choices which encompass the life lessons involved.  When these limitations are released, your body is a more comfortable home.

When we recognize our body in a way that makes a movement easier, we have changed our mind about something.  We have made a shift in our mental-emotional body as well.

C.F.R.® is a combination of the work developed by Dr. Moshe Feldenkrais, Integrated Awareness® by Lansing Gresham and almost 30 years of teaching and blending since the 1980’s by Harriet Goslins, C.F.R.,®, I.A.®

Your life cannot be easier than your movements.  Reduce the unnecessary effort in your movements and you reduce the effort in your life.  Reduce the conflict in your intentions and your life starts feeling more like what you intended.”

                     - H. Goslins, Founder, Cortical Field Reeducation®

Workshops and Individual Sessions Available

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